Penis Enlargement Techniques – How to Increase Your Size

This involves cutting the suspensory ligament that holds the penis shaft against the pubic bone. The penis effectively drops forward and extends out making it appear longer. Dissatisfaction rates are very high. Other surgical methods to actually lengthen the penis shaft are highly risky and often lead to erectile dysfunction.
A device is fitted over the penis and a partial vacuum is created, usually by a hand pump, which causes suction and draws in more blood to get a larger penis. But if too much suction is induced then blood vessels can burst and vascular damage can occur. I have even heard horror stories about the testicles suddenly being sucked into the device, ouch!
Pills and Creams – Often herbal in nature and are supposed to work by increasing blood flow into the penis. These are often the topic of all those scam emails we all get and have not been tested properly. The ingredients can be of dubious origin and may contain contaminants which could be harmful.
A penis extender device is fitted which basically puts the penis into traction leading to penis growth. It looks like an instrument of torture, but some studies have found satisfactory results for those willing to endure wearing it for the required time periods. Must be used correctly to avoid injury.
As it sounds, varying weights are hung from the penis, usually from just behind the glands. This method has been known to cause nerve injury, chronic pain, scarring and even impotence.
Used to increase the girth of the penis by the use of a tight ring or by tying off at the base of the shaft to stop the return of blood from the penis. Thought to be very dangerous and can cause severe penile damage.
Sometimes called Milking or Jelqing. Penis growth is attained by exercising the smooth muscles and tissues of the shaft and by forcing blood in to increase vascularity. Often used in conjunction with hot compresses. If done incorrectly can cause burst blood vessels and bleeding.
The ‘Two-Step’ method of natural penis bigger works on a principle where body biochemicals will again react with receptors in the penis (which were already there so that during puberty your penis would naturally grow). The second step is making the enlargement happen faster by using specific exercises. Growth happens and your penis can take more blood and the result is a bigger, thicker and more powerful penis.

So lots of choices to help get a bigger penis. All I would like to say is proceed with caution, stick to the instructions, take expert advice and never take any chances or short cuts. Remember a small working penis is better than a big non-working one. Your health should come first.

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